Yahoo Invisible Status Detector

Yahoo invisible checker

Nowadays people are really interested to check who is invisible on YM.
Our status detector is the solution for this problem. Simply type in the desired yahoo id and you will see the yahoo status and it's avatar.

What is yahoo status?

Yahoo status refers to the availability status of yahoo id's. A user can be online, offline or invisible.

Why would anyone use a yahoo invisible detector?

The majority are using it to check if their offline buddies (from their "friends list") are indeed offline or actually hiding from them using an invisible status.
Sometimes users are invisible on yahoo messenger, because they don't want to be disturbed by others, so try and keep this in mind.

When is this yahoo invisible scanner working?

We provide this service 24/7, which means you can detect invisible id's at any time in day or night. You only need an active internet connection :)

How secure is this invisible checker?

Our status scanner is very secure. We don't save yahoo id's and/or spam them like other sites do.
Thus, a scanned user will never know it has been scanned. Your annonimity is protected.

Is the yahoo detector free?

We try to keep our status detector free for everyone, but we have expenses with it. If you want to support us, please use the contact link below and write us a message.